Auvergne Pointer Breeding from the Puys d'Auvergne

T.A.N. :



Sound initials used in short cut of “Natural Aptitude test”, the T.A.N are a test intended to check on the ground the aptitude of the dog to fulfill its function of STOP and gun dog.
But the expression “Aptitudes Natural” should not lend to confusion and let believe that any dog “quite born” must, whatever the circumstances, to obtain the T.A.N. !
It is a serious test which requires dog to have, au préalable, “involved” with the exercise, even if it “is not drawn up”. In light it is disadvised presenting its dog to the T.A.N if it did not already drive out.
It is thus recommended to make pass the T.A.N to its dog at the conclusion of the first season of hunting and before three years the limiting age.
The goal of this test is double :
In first and mainly it must make it possible the hunter, which cannot or does not want to practise the competition in field-trial, to obtain the official recognition of qualities of its dog. The annotation of success is related to the pedigree. It is the means of identifying within the race the subjects likely to improve the median value of the livestock: the holders of the T.A.N see themselves allotting two (2) points in our Grid of Quotation of the Parents (in addition to obtaining Very Good in Exposure and after reading of radiography of the dysplasy  A, B, or C), in the second place it can allow to locate “exceptional” subjects equipped with a sufficient potential to consider, after an essential raising, a participation the field-trial proof.
The delivery of the T.A.N thus attests officially that the dog has “naturally” the whole of following qualities.
The passion of hunting :
It appears above all by the research activity, the dynamism, the desire for finding game. But this “search” must also be done with the paces and in the style suitable for Directs of Auvergne. Olfactive power or “nose”: it is revealed by the indication that the dog gives of a meeting with “the odor” (emanation) coming from game. The manner and the conditions under which this indication is done are important and revealing at the same time of the “quality of the nose”” of the dogs and its conformity to the style of the race.
The stop :
It is the attitude of immobility taken by the dog in front of the game of which it perceived the odor. This stop, which gives its specificity to our mode of hunting, must make it possible the hunter to come to the height from its dog and to draw under good conditions. The stop required at the time it T.A.N will have to thus be “firm” and “usable”: the dog should not “stuff” (to break its stop to try to catch game).
The absence of fear characterized with the shot: this fear which reveals a psychic insufficiency of balance is obviously crippling for a gun dog.
The “geometrical” regularity of the search, wisdom with the take-off, wisdom with the shot or the report/ratio of a game are not required at the time of this test of T.A.N which checks natural qualities without taking into account the behaviors related to raising.
Judged by the Judges of the CANINE CENTRAL COMPANY and the inspectors entitled by the R.A.B.A., the tests of T.A.N are held under the only authority of the Club of Race.
The candidates can take part: - with T.A.N reserved for Direct of Auvergne, - with T.A.N. “interclubs” organized with the agreement of the R.A.B.A. and judged by experts recognized by it.