Auvergne Pointer Breeding from the Puys d'Auvergne



It appears this day, that too many pups are manufactured by “maquignons” which destroy the race, are not made any concern of what become their more or less bastard pups, without papers, having with the spirit only to make money!
But where thus did their spirit of love towards their first pup, well confirmed followed and approved pass by the thorough work of each approved stockbreeder ?
New claims of the stockbreeders
Titrate d' stockbreeder
1) - To be registered with the room of agriculture: (N° of SIRET)
2) - To be registered with the M.S.A.: (Certificate of affiliation)
3) - To be declared with the taxes: (follow-up)
4) - To be declared with the D.S.V. :
5) - To be declared with the S.C.C./(- N° Stockbreeder - N° affix - Name affix)
6) - To be declared with the prefecture (Certificate of competence)
For all people not having the whole of these requirements, being prohibited:
A) - to sell pups
B) - to employ the term of stockbreeder
C) - to appear in: Dogs of France - Pups of France
D) - to make Internet site
E) - to appear in the daily newspapers referring to the dogs and breedings
F) - All daily newspapers, presses, media, Internet site etc…, will be able to make publicity only by having in possession the six administrative criteria cities above
If however the private individual wants to make reproduce his bitch or wants stand out by his standard, it must:
- to put itself under cover of a responsible approved stockbreeder who will or not establish the possibility of doing it (Pb. of genealogy - of handicap - etc…) and,
- will establish a tariff, commun run with any breeding, the owner of or bitch and the pups will take the Affix of the known as stockbreeder.