Auvergne Pointer Breeding from the Puys d'Auvergne

Tour of the Property



As every rider who respects himself the dog been a part of the everyday life(daily paper).

As any Inhabitant of the Auvergne(Auvergne dialect), it is the Pointer of Auvergne that remains his(her) companion(journeyman) so faithful to the house as to the hunting where, it is of a redoubtable efficiency in stop(ruling) in front of the game with feather!
In front of the difficulty getting itself a real Blue of Auvergne in Auvergne; the Breeding of the Volcanic hills of Auvergne gives for objective not to make of the dog for the dog (even the words of the breeder) but indeed to promote and re-implant the standard type(chap) of the Pointer of Auvergne in its Region as it was it formerly.
Indeed, the Pointer of Auvergne made party integral of our Region where it populated mainly every home(foyer) of our mountain massifs and especially that of Cantal.
More than a passion it is the love which will give you satisfaction both to the house as the dog of company and in the hunting for our hunters friends !